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personal trainer Manhattan Beach DeenaWorking out alone can be boring, demotivating and even sometimes dangerous. Having someone who knows the effectiveness of the workouts, as well as the proper form for each exercise is vital to your weight loss success.

Sure you can workout with a buddy, but does that buddy of yours have the knowledge of proper form? Having a professional personal trainer help you (and one can even help both of you) will help you achieve your weight loss goals much faster as well as decrease your chance of injury.

If you have a goal of losing some pounds and slimming that waistline,and live in the South Bay area, Deena Russo is your girl!

Deena has worked with many clients of all ages and all physical backgrounds, while helping them achieve their weight loss goals. Deena is not only an excellent trainer in the South Bay area, she will come to the location of your choice! Love the beach? Why not have Deena meet you on the beach for a early morning or late afternoon cardio session. Prefer your own private home? That's fine too, Deena can provide in home personal training too. You choose the place, Deena will be bring the equipment, expert skills and her motivational spirit.

Deena will implement a variety of stretching, weight lifting and cardio exercises to help you reach your goals. She will challenge you to new levels of performance you would have never challenged yourself to.

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Still not convinced Deena is the best personal trainer in the South Bay for you?

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Deena as your personal trainer:

1. Deena will help you regain some flexibility. With age and lack of exercise, our flexibility weakens. When you add stretching to your work out routine you will increase your flexibility. Deena will show you some tricks to increase your flexibility.

2. Deena has more than 18 years of experience. Deena is no novice at personal training. She has been training for years and has experience with a wide range of ages and demographics of people.

3. Deena loves the Outdoors. Do you hate being confined to the inside space of a gym? That's fine. Deena will meet you at the beach and teach you some awesome cardio moves to implement in your daily routines. She will motivate you to do more than you ever thought was possible.

4. She will meet you wherever you want. Not many personal trainers will travel to you, usually you have to go to their gym, which may even include extra gym fees. With Deena, you choose where you workout, its all up to you!

5. Deena will customize your program just for you. Customization is key to a successful workout program. Why? Well, it's simple, no two people are alike, every one has different needs, wants and bodies. Deena knows this and will tailor each workout to her individual clients.

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Stay Healthy! 

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Deena's Client Results & Testimonials


postpartum weight loss


Anna lost 55 pounds!!

Client Anna before client Anna after

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Kate before and after

Kate: at 50

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copyright Jason Kozma personal training

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Atty lost 24 pounds

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Margo lost 12lbs

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Before                         After     




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